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Revolutionizing the Art Industry with Augmented Reality for Paintings

The art industry has always been a field of constant innovation and creativity, and the rise of augmented reality (AR) is now changing the game. Augmented Reality for paintings is revolutionizing the art industry by allowing people to experience art in new and exciting ways. With the integration of AR, paintings are no longer static […]

Augmented Reality for Rugs: Enhancing Your Home Decor Shopping Experience

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been transforming the way people shop for furniture and home decor items. Now, it has taken the world of rugs by storm. AR technology allows customers to virtually place a rug in their living space before making a purchase. This has revolutionized the rug shopping experience and has helped customers […]

Augmented Reality or AR in Rug Industry

Rug industry is one of the industries that can take major advantages from technology. Nowadays the majority of sales are being done online, and unfortunately when the return rates also go up, as a lot of people who buy rugs don’t really know if that rug fits their place the way they expected or not. […]