Augmented Reality for eCommerce Websites; AR, WebAR, Visualizer

Instant Virtual Experience (IVE) is a technology specifically designed to visualize and preview wall and flooring products in their designated spaces using augmented reality.

Augmented Reality (AR) for Rugs

Eliminate guesswork to see how rugs, carpets, and other flooring products will look in their designated places. Simply click the “See it in your space” button for a live preview of the desired products using IVE technology using the exact perspectives, colors and dimensions.
  • Lower the return rate!
  • Find the right design!
  • Find the right size!

Easy Setup

As long as you have product images and an eCommerce website meeting our minimum requirements, all you need to do is to sign up! Our software automatically detects your product images to create 3D models. No modelling, no apps, no hassle.

Step 1

Account Setup

Just submitting your information to us, would be all we need from your end.

Step 2

IVE Engine Config.

If your website is eligible, we will configure an IVE Engine for you, that processes all your data the way that matches your website.

Step 3

Applet Installation

We provide you with a code to Cut and Paste on your html.

Only one installation is enough for one website.

eCommerce Requirements

  1. Existing product images
  2. Product dimensions in cm or inches
  3. Product ID, SKU, or any internal database number

Website, and Image Requirements

  1. IVE works with almost any platform
  2. Images can be taken from any angle
  3. Images’ backgrounds need to have solid color


Get your IVE Today!
  • $0.00 Setup Fee
  • $0.00 Development Fee
  • $0.00 3D Modelling Cost
  • $0.00 Bulk Conversion Fee
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Unlimited Products
  • No 3D Modelling Needed
  • No 3D Scanning Needed
  • No App Needed
  • Lower Product Returns!
  • Improve Customer Engagement!
  • Instant Visualization
  • Augmented Reality for Your Products
  • Statistics on Most Popular Products
  • Improve Sales Experience
  • Android and iOS Compatible
One Single Plan
Including 4 000 Experiences* / Month

What is “Experience”?
An instant virtual “experience” (IVE) is when an individual virtually views your product in a physical space. 4 000 experiences in majority of cases is sufficient for an eCommerce website with 20K monthly traffic.
Enterprise Plans Available for Branding Removal, and Customized Experiences


General Inquiries
Please call Persisca Technologies at
1 (800) 666 9010, 7AM to 7PM PST
Please ask for “IVE View Sales Rep”
Customer Service
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1 (800) 666 9010, 7AM to 7PM PST

General Inquiries